Friday, October 8, 2010

12. The ruins at Palenque, Mexico (10/21/07)

After taking my Mexican drugs and resting for a day I feel much better. It takes me two days to drive to Palenque because the highway that goes there directly is closed for road construction and I have to instead detour North and head towards Cancun before I can drive South to Palenque. Wow, Palenque looks like Disney Land to my horrid surprise. I pull up to the parking lot and there must have been 100 vendors. They are selling everything from a miniature pyramid to a car wash. By the time I make it to the ruins my expectations have dropped considerably and for good reason too.

Palenque looks too perfect. Almost every building has been entirely redone. There are vendors every where around the ruins too. While you are looking at the ruins a vendor will confront you about an overpriced touristy Jade mask that he is trying to sell. I quickly surveyed all the buildings and made a quick get away from Palenque.

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