Friday, October 8, 2010

13. My first flat tire ever! (10/23/07)

Today, as I am driving down the highway the front steering of my bike suddenly starts to lock up and turn to one side. I nervously do my best to regain control by yanking the handlebars to the other side as uncaring Mexican truck drivers pass me at 70 mph. Finally, I regain control and maneuver the bike to the shoulder where I notice that the front tire is flapping around. My first flat tire ever! Oh no! I nervously start to try and unpack my tool kit which takes 15 minutes to get off the bike now because of the side case that broke off in Baja. Just as I am about to attempt to somehow raise the bike and take off the tire help arrives. A 40 year old Mexican motorcyclist stops and after 15 minutes of complete jiberish I understand the word Tienda (shop) and proceed to follow him to a shop which is 1/2 mile away in the middle of now where (thank you god).

The shop guy, with the 3 tools he has at his shop and my toolkit, manages to fix the tire. After watching him change the tube I now feel an ounce of confidence that I can do this on my own. I pay the shop guy and give my new motorcyclist friend a bag of Trader Joe´s mixed nuts that he in turn gives to the shop guy who started eating nuts with his greasy fingers. All in all it was a good day of riding and my first flat tire which I will remember forever! 

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