Friday, October 8, 2010

15. Entering Belize (they speak English!) (10/27/07)

After driving through some of the most treacherous roads I have ever seen in Guatemala, I crossed the border at Belize where it took me about 15 minutes to get accross because they speak English! Belize is a very beautiful country and looks like a great retirement spot. The roads are straight and well paved.

Upon arriving at Belize City I went to the local police station to ask if I could camp there. The head of police kindly arranged an escort to take me to a late 1800´s beachfront fort that has been converted into a police barracks. This is the ideal place to camp in Belize City (this experience was more enjoyable than any of the motels I have stayed at). After a very long day of riding I slept peacefully with the sound of waves breaking in my ears and the sight of the sun setting accross the ocean.

Early in the morning I woke up to go run errands. I quickly found all the things I needed: synthetic oil, malaria pills, maps, and screws/bolts. Also, a kind employee at the hardware store helped me fix my lone side case which broke a mounting tab from all the bouncing up and down on rocks in Guatemala. He went through 2 drill bits drilling through the metal brakets we used to reinforce the tabs. After an hour of tinkering we were finished and both of us were soaked in sweat from hard work in the non airconditioned store.

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