Friday, October 8, 2010

19. Hanging out with Salvador in Nicarauga! (11/05-11/08/07)

I pulled up to the Honduran/Nicaraugan border knowing that they would give me trouble for not having my permit. I told the officical my robbery story and showed him my missing sidecase, but he wouldn´t budge about buying another $40 Honduran entry permit so I could exit the country. I slipped pass his gate when he left it open for a big truck and was off to Nicaragua where customs was easy.

After 5 hours of driving through more dirt than paved roads I made it to Manauga. Here, an member Salavador (aka: salcar) kindly agreed to host me. He gave me an air filter to replace the one I had to spend a day fixing in Honduras because the foam gasket ripped and 2 paper tabs ripped off. In addition, he let me use his tools, fed me, let me stay in his guest room, and gave me the idea for and helped me create this website.

Salvador is setting up his own motorcycle tour/rental company in Nicarauga. I just wanted to say that he is a great rider and knows the roads very well for those who are interested. He is also a good host and is very down to earth. 

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