Friday, October 8, 2010

27. Crossing into Equador: Cheap gas again! (01/01-01/02/07)

Getattachment4_2 I said goodbye to Juan and Santiago in Bogota and took off with their cousin in law Javier (Suzuki 650) towards Cali. Javier did not speak English so our conversations were slightly akward, but for the most part we understood eachother. He liked to ride fast in the straight aways, but unbelievably slow in the mountains. Javier tried to explain why he rode slow in the mountains but the only words I could understand were ´freno´ (brakes) and ´aceite´ oil. The oil part would make sense but I never saw any oil on the roads.

(Javier is 2nd from the left, the other man and lady were riding their Harley to Ushuaia also.)

Getattachment2_2 After a long day of riding we finally made it to Javier´s apartment in Peligra (close to Cali) and I promptly set my alarm for 4 am and went to sleep. Waking up at 4 am was painful, but I managed to do it and set off on the long trip to Quito. Driving at night in Colombia was very dangerous! My problem was not the guerillas, but the poorly marked constuction site´s.

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