Friday, October 8, 2010

29. Arriving in Cuenca: The Motorcycle Capital of Ecuador (01/04/08)

Cuenca is a beautiful historic city with a church on every corner. It sits on the top of a mountain at about 7,500 ft. It has cobblestone streets, old red tiled buildings, and magnificent public works.

  I drove to the downtown and than spent 15 minutes looking for a phone to call my host family (for learning Spanish). My search for a phone was going very poorly, but than luckily a guy in a truck pulled up next to me and asked if I needed help. The man in the truck owned a KTM motorcycle and was very excited to hear about my journey. He let me use his cell phone to call my host family and than showed me the way to their house. On the way there I must have seen 10 KTM motorycles.

My host family is really nice. There are 4 kids Camilla 4, Stephanie 7, Coco 10, and Kathleen 12. The mom´s name is Candy and the dad´s name is Jorge. Candy and Jorge have really made me feel at home in their house. There son Coco is sick in the hospital and the parents take turns being with him.

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