Friday, October 8, 2010

30. My first week of Spanish (01/10/08)

Parfait This has been a very painful week. Having to talk in Spanish for 6 hours a day is exhausting. It is a good thing that my teacher Enma is easy to get a long and good looking! After school I usually go over to the local vegetarian restaurant and order my favorite dish, a Ensalada de Frutas Especial. It is a gigantic yogurt parfait with cut up mango, mandarin oranges, watermelon, grapes, and a scoop of ice cream! I am sure going to miss this $1.30 contraption once I leave Cuenca.

I have been watching a lot of Spanish movies with English subtitles in my spare time. I stop the movie a playback the lines so I can understand what was said. This seems to be a pretty good way to learn common expressions. You can find pretty much any Hollywood movie you want down here for $1.50 The average Equadorian can not afford to pay $10 for a movie.

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