Friday, October 8, 2010

32. The Ecuadorian Postal Service: I think a message in a bottle would be faster! grrr(01/25/08)

I have been waiting 3 weeks now on a 25 Ib box of motorcycle parts and other various things that my parents sent me via U.S. Air Mail ($99). Customs in Ecuador opens every package and assigns a value to the contents adds that to the cost of shipping and than charges you 20% of that amount when you pick the package up. My problem seems to be that my merchandise was either sold off or thrown into some backroom where it will not be seen again for 6 months. It is so tempting to drive 6 hours back to Quitos post office but I know the odds of getting the package that way are low.

My efforts to locate the package over the internet have not been sucessful. The internet is starting to get expensive here at 80 cents an hour. I was amazed to find out that the cost of high speed internet in Cuenca is $90 a month! It is kind of sad that many kids here do not get a chance to learn on computers because of the high cost of internet.

Next week I am leaving (end of my Spanish school) and hopefully there is a miracle at the Quito post office and they ship my package to Cuenca in time. Otherwise I will be forced to buy the parts on the way like the $40 air filter I just bought at the BMW dealership and my $35 front brake pads that I bought from the nice guys at Austro Motors who gave me a $10 discount for mentioning them on here (Presidente Cordova I-71).

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