Friday, October 8, 2010

39. Machu Pichu at last! The mecca of the Incas! (02/10/08)

After many difficulties in getting to MP I started to question whether it would be worth it. Wow, did it ever turn out to be great! There are so many things to see! You could spend 5 days and not see it all. MP sits on the edge of mountains and the ruins stretch about 15 miles. The main complex of ruins was even more impressive than what I had seen in photos. There was so much detail in the architecture as I inspected it closer. The way that every rock fits perfectly is amazing. It is crazy to think that this society was thriving here only 500 years ago!

Unfortunately, Waynapichu, the cool set of ruins that is at the very top of a steep mountain was closed by the time I arrived. They only allow the first 400 people in the morning to see it. I really wanted to see this, so I found a jungle trail that bypassed the security guard station and snuck in. Half way up the mountain the guards spotted me and began to blow their whistles. I sprinted up the trail pretending not to hear them. Finally one of the guards got pretty close to me yelled ¨Venga aqui o Policia.¨ That was enough to make me turn back. I had a nice long chat with the security guards about rules and regulations and than they let me go.

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