Friday, October 8, 2010

42. Hanging out in Cochabamba, Bolivia with Matthias (02/15-20/08)

Matthias was a 55 year old German Couchsurfer who I stayed with in Cochabamba. He was an interesting man who enjoyed casual smoking and drinking and fine foods. After retiring from the banking industry Matthias moved to Bolivia 3 years ago.
Staying with Matthias really made me forget that I was in a third world country. He cooked very good meals that he learned to make while living in France. The guest suite that I stayed in had a huge king bed and a shower fit for a king.

 Matthias helped me get my motorcycle fixed. It seems like I am having 5 problems every day. A good example of my problems came when Matthias jump started my bike so I could drive to the battery shop but a few miles away my leaky radiator made the bike overheat. I could not turn the bike off because of the battery.

 While looking for parts in Cochabamba I asked a random guy on a antique Honda scooter for directions and he turned out to be the owner of one of the best motorcycle repair shops in Cochabamba. His name was Coco and he helped me find parts for half an hour and than we went back to his shop and he let me work on my radiator there free of charge. He had excellent knowledge of all different kinds of bikes and I was very surprised how well he knew my F650 since they do not sell BMWs in Bolivia. The name of the shop is Charlie: Reparaciones, Repuestos, Venta de Motos and it is located at Tumusla N* 406 esq. Mayor Rocha. If you have problems in Bolivia I highly recommend going to Coco. His dad and him own the business which has been going on 45 years now. It is easier to pay a taxicab driver in downtown Cochabamba 5 Bolivianos ($0.75) to guide you to the shop.

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