Friday, October 8, 2010

48. Hanging out with Rocky and Jose in Rancagua, Chile (03/04/08)

In Santiago Rocky introduced me to his friend Jose who was a helicopter pilot who had just flown in from California. Jose and Rocky were heading South towards Rancagua so they could fix a helicopter. Rocky invited me to come check out the helicopter and hangout in Rancagua.
(Rocky Medina and his crew fly this water dropping helicopter on contract within the regions of Chile.)

I met up with Rocky and Jose and the next day we went to go see the Chilean fire fighting helicopter that they were fixing. The helicopter had to have the bushings in the rotors replaced with new ones. It sure was a cool looking helicopter. The crew for the helicopter was frustrated because the helicopter had been grounded for the last 4 days while there was a large fire only 30 minutes away. Once the helicopter was fixed the pilot left right away to fight the fire. It was interesting to spend time inside the hanger and see what the life of helicopter pilots and mechanics was like.

Rocky, Jose, and I had a good time going out to the bars and clubs that night. It was hard to leave because I had become good friends with them. Rocky and Jose lent me tools to finish my trip with and they bought me meals, beers, and etc. I could not have asked to meet kinder people on my trip.

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