Saturday, October 9, 2010

52. Going to El Calafate and changing my mind about the Caterra Austral (03/25-04/02/08)

Driving back from Ushuaia I knew that I better at least see the Moreno Glacier near El Calafate because so many people told me it was amazing. The glacier there was truly amazing. You have to pay a $15 entrance fee to get into the park but the fee worth it because the road was great, the walkways to see the glacier was great, and the park was very beautiful also. It was nice to see that they are working to make the road better and also doing new construction on the walkways. All national parks should be run like this one.
Dscf2836I did not think that I would enjoy the glacier at first because I had seen a gigantic ocean glacier in Alaska before. Seeing this gigantic land glacier was very unique though. The glacier formed between a small row of mountains and has been slowly stretching down into the lake below for thousands of years. If you watch the glacier long enough you will witness some pretty big chunks of ice falling into the water below.
Dscf2837Being this far West in Argentina and knowing how bad the scenery is on Highway 3 up to Commodoro Rivadavia I have decided to drive North to Tres Lagos on Ruta 40 (the road is almost completely paved) and head North for Perito Moreno where I will cross the border for Chile Chico  and drive North on the Caterra Austral. (North of Tres Lagos on Ruta 40 there was no pavement until 100 km´s South of Perito Moreno.
Dscf2842The frame to one of my panniers broke again in El Calafate but luckily I found a good welding shop and had the break fixed. The name of the shop is ¨El Garage¨ and the owners are Sergio and Raul who are very nice guys. They had a friend named Santiago who knew English and I talked with him for a long time. This gomeria has a the best view out of the ones I have visited so far.
(The garage is located on Valentin Feilberg 364. It is on the other side of the grocery store and a drive up the hill for a little ways. Phone 02902-491982)

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