Saturday, October 9, 2010

54. Meeting a fellow Yank motorcyclist in Coyhaique (03/30/08)

I have spent a couple of nights in Coyhaique trying to find a part for my motorcycle. The city does not quite meet my expectations from the Lonely Plant description but it has still been worth seeing despite being touristy. Unfortunately, Coyhaique has no motorcycle shops and there was only one motorcycle mechanic in town ¨Pablo¨ but he did not have any spare parts. At Pablo´s shop I met Will, a guy from Oregon riding a Honda XR 250 that he bought in Chile. Will and I hung out as we waited for Pablo to work on our problems. We went to the grocery store and bought 40´s of Quedate and drank them on the sidewalk outside the grocery store.
                                     (Large blankets of plants used to secure the steep hillsides.)

 Will was a 26 year old artist who had just broken up with his girlfriend and had been wanting to do this trip for a while. He told me that his last job was doing maitenance on the Pacific Northwest Trail. He has a blog section about his trip on his website We talked about motorcycles for a long time and he wanted to know all of the things that I would do differently if I did the trip again.
(Near Coyhaique they use these giant sheets of fertilizer/seed bags to secure the steep banks around the highway.)

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