Saturday, October 9, 2010

62. Staying with Marco in Asuncion (04/27/08)

I have been staying with German couchsurfer Marco and his Brazilian girlfriend Chevone for the past 4 days now in Asuncion. Marco is 27 and has a few internet business´s that are pretty successful. He has lived in Paraguay for the past 2 and a half years. His apartment is very nice and has a great view of much of Asuncion including the River Paraguay.

Marco is helping me to get my bike fixed and sell it here. We put an ad in the classified paper here and at first I did not have any calls but tomorrow two men are coming to see the bike at the shop. Marco has recommended me the best motorcycle repair shop in Paraguay and so far I have been very impressed with their work. The name of the shop is Klein Motors and it is located on Espana. Tel. / Fax.: (59521) 660-531

I have been having a great time with Marco in Asuncion. We have gone out almost every night for dinner at a steak buffet place (Marco is vegetarian but he enjoys the selection of vegetables at these places). The Paraguayans are experts at preparing meats too. The best cut of meat to get here is Pecania.

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