Friday, October 8, 2010

7. the town Mulege: a Baja paradise (10/07/07)

Today, I discovered the small port town of Mulege. This town is not very touristy and to get to the beach you  pretty much need a  4 wheel drive to get  past the all dirt road. I was surprised to find many old retired American men at the bars on the beach. One of the guys lived right next to the bar on the beach and offered to let me store my motorcycle inside his fence for the night. I accepted this and camped behind the bar right next to the ocean. I convinced the local restaurant owner to sell me raw fish on credit and that I would pay him back when the banks opened the next day. I cooked this fish on my tiny camping grill and wow was it ever good! Mulege is definitely on the list of places that I would want to retire to.

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