Friday, October 8, 2010

9. Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco (10/10-10/13/07)

If you have ever seen the movie ¨The Shawshank Redemption¨ and love how beautiful the scene of Puerto Vallarta is at the end than you will be highly disappointed with the real Puerto Vallarta. It is the most Americanized place in all of Mexico. Everything is setup for tourists and the whole city comes across as not having a soul in my opinion. The only part of it I liked is the highway that runs South past the city and along the ocean. It is very scenic there and slightly less touristy as you head farther house. It looks like a great place to rent a house or stay at a hotel if you still want to go to PV.

Acapulco was very different than PV. It still has that Mexican feel to it even know it is a major tourist destination. Going through the city I stopped at a taco stand and had some of the best tacos ever. I also strolled through a local market where there were dead chickens hanging from the ceiling and various other food related things that I have never seen before. The store owners in these places always seem to be offended when I take pictures. I guess they are mad that I am not buying anything, but if it were me I would be flattered that someone else though my shop were good enough to take a picture of.

One thing about Acapulco is it seemed a lot more dangerous than Puerto Vallarta in terms of the locals you see on the streets, but in my opinion the danger is easily worth the risk.

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