Friday, October 8, 2010

Iowa to Oklahoma (09/23/07)

After repeated safety lectures from my parents and anyone standing within earshot of me talking about my trip, I finally start off on a rainy day in late September 2007. Twenty minutes upon setting out I realize that my boots are not waterproof. It rains all the way to Kansas City and by the time I arrive at the city limits I am in a massive shiver and am forced to change my socks. I begin to ride again and everything  is fine until my tank  bag rain cover starts to catch wind and tries to fly off the bike. I do my best to hold it down and all of a sudden I notice that the cars 150 feet ahead of me are stopped! At this point I forget the tank bag and go into an emergency stop. The bike slows and the back tire locks up briefly and I begin to slide back and forth as if this was a dirt road! Fortunately I am able to stop just in time without eating any pavement.  I turn around to investigate why all of a sudden a 4 lane interstate turned into a 4 lane residential road with stoplights. The genius who designed the freeway here decided to make drivers exit off to the right hand side so they can merge back up with the same freeway. In my haste with the tank bag I missed the sign for the exit and continued around a turn which abruptly turns into a residential road.

After the closest to near death experience I have had on my trip so far I continue on South making my way through Kansas and into Oklahoma. I drive to Enid, Oklahoma where a fellow BMW rider named Stephen has agreed to trade me his motorcycle pants on very short notice. It is  12:00 PM by the time I meet him and I am still without a place to stay, but Stephen kindly offers to host me for the night and I promptly agree. He is an interesting guy that has traveled the U.S. on a motorcycle and in the morning he made me a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, sausage, and toast. (it is making me hungry thinking about it right now).

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