Friday, October 8, 2010

Riding to San Diego and meeting Dale the Baja Rat (10/01-10/04/07)

After having my chain and sprockets replaced I drove down Interstate 5 hoping to cross the Mexican border at Tijuana before night fall. Upon reaching the outskirts of San Diego I see a guy riding a Dakar F650 who I wave at as I pass by. At the next stop light he pulls up next to me and asks if I was headed to Mexico because he has a house a couple of hours South of the border that I could camp at or I could stay with him at his house in San Diego.

Either of these options sound very good to me and Dale looks like a good guy so I take him up on staying at his house in SD and crossing the border the next day. One night ended up turning into 4 days because Dale agreed to let me use his shop to work on my bike. I can not say enough about Dale and how helpful he was. He cooked great meals, helped me work on my bike, and gave me great advice on what I would experience in Baja. Working on my bike at Dale´s was more enjoyable than being at home because Dale has a giant set of Snap-on tools and an assortment of different spray can products from when he used to be a mechanic. The last night at Dale´s we ate at a great Sushi restaurant that is probably the best bargain that I have seen in California.

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