Friday, October 8, 2010

Staying with friend Danny in LA (09/25-09/30/07)

I start out my day with hardly any sleep from the previous night but I drive for 4 hours until I am forced to sleep on a rest stop table for a couple hours. To my surprise there is a Harley rider who decides that I have a good thing going and naps on the table next to mine.

I drive for 4 more hours to get to LA and finally meet my friend Danny at the car dealership where he works. It is good to see him again and we head to his place after he gets off work. I follow him to a $4 million house in Hollywood Hills and wonder what we are doing there and if maybe this is a practical joke. Nope, it turns out that Danny became friends with a stock broker named John who rents out his computer room for Danny to sleep in for at a very low rent.

I spend a couple of days hanging out with Danny and John. On my last day I run errands and go to a motorcycle shop to look for chain lube. I have the shop owner take a look at my bike because it was a little bouncy on the interstate the other day. He tells me that I need a new chain and sprockets and asks me how often I have been oiling the chain. I tell him that I had a tune up before I left and that they oiled it than. He than lectured me on chain maitenance and about how you need to oil your chain every 300 miles and clean it every 500 miles. For this mechanical ignorance, I blame my dad, who is a great guy, but taught me next to nothing about mechanics and wood working. It was kind of hard to learn as a small kid with the 5 tools we had at my house!

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